Join BERNINA at the 2nd Annusal Etsy Craft Party!

What fun! A craft party and a way to meet new sewing friends. — SaraD at Sewing Ideas

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By Jo Leichte, Education Editor for BERNINA of America, Inc.

Do you know Etsy? Their motto is "Buy, Live, and Sell Handmade," and they're one of my favorite sites for finding unique handmade gifts. In addition to being a marketplace for crafters and artists, Etsy holds craft nights every Monday night which are broadcast — live! — at As an Etsy sponsor, BERNINA invites you to celebrate Etsy's 2nd Annual Craft Party on June 10, 2011 with stitchers all over the world! Many BERNINA dealers are throwing parties where you can connect and collaborate with your local craft community and celebrate all things handmade. Click HERE for a list of BERNINA dealers hosting craft parties in your area. I hope you can join us!

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How-to: Take in a Tank Top – Crafting a Green World

Here's a great idea for a summer thrift store find. — SaraD at Sewing Ideas

tank before
One of the things that intimidates people about sewing is it seems like a very precise art. Of course, some sewing projects can be that way, but not every project requires complete precision and control. In fact, there are lots of beginner sewing and mending projects that require a lot less skill than you might think! Taking in a too-big tank top is one of these.

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Tutorial: Shirred fabric

I wonder if this technique would work for sweatshirt sleeves instead of ribbing. — SaraD at Sewing Ideas

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Stretchy shirred fabric can be quickly and easily made into summer sundresses, tops, and skirts.  You can buy fabric already shirred at the chain fabric stores, but the selection is limited and it can be really expensive. Debbie from Squiggly Twigs Designs shows how to shir fabric using elastic thread in your bobbin.  If you can sew a straight line, you can shir fabric.  Get the tutorial.

[photo from Squiggly Twigs Designs]

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A New Improved Seam Roll – Threads

Here's how to make a seam roll out of a wooden handrail from a lumber yard. — SaraD at Sewing Ideas 

And–voila! You have a new, improved seam roll, one that won't roll off the table and disappear when you really need it!

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Sew a Quick and Easy Belt—in just 20 minutes! « Nancy Zieman — The Blog

Here's a great idea for a belt. — SaraD at Sewing Ideas

Create wider or narrower belts using Clover’s 5/8” or 1-1/4” belting and corresponding D-Rings!

Wider or narrower belts can be created using Clover’s 5/8” or 1-1/4” Create a Strapand corresponding D-Rings!

Trust me, this is truly a 20-minute project!

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Light up your project with an LED

Here's a great way to add a little pizzazz to a project – light it up with an LED.  — SaraD at Sewing Ideas

Sewing with non-LilyPad LED lights – SparkFun Electronics.

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Elizabeth Abernathy: Spring Fever: Sharpied Fabric Poppy Tutorial

Spring Fever: Sharpied Fabric Poppy Tutorial

Here’s a great way to add some spring flair. Who knew a Sharpie could be this beautiful?
— SaraD at Sewing Ideas

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